Meerkat Misfits Slots

Meerkat Misfits Slots is a backwoods adventure in which the cuddliest of crittters can become the best of friends, or the worst of enemies depending on the fortune they bring! Meander through the bandit ridden landes of tomahawks and iconic Meerkat Misfits themselves in an attempt to land the matches and steal the jackpots!

With over thirty paylines designed of numerous characters, items and match bonus icons to match up on the reel, players will find themselves head first in a meerkat misadventure that may land them in the biggest fortune of their gaming lives! The reel also plays house and can multiply the jackpot with nuanced bonuses such as three of a kind and five of a kind! The fun doesn't stop when trying to find the bear traps and harpoons to get the job done, somebody's gotta show these meerkats they aren't the only ones with tools to find fortune!

When players to discover Wilds and new ways to match five of a kind all the while enhancing the jackpot bonus, they'll find new ways to earn and be on a fast track to the truly Mega Meerkat jackpot... no meerkats included! Mega jackpots can be anywhere from a ten times multiplier to a hundred times multiplier which is just astounding and extremely rewarding for a virtual slots entry!

Meerkat Misfits Slots isn't only a game for the experienced reel excavator, new players can also experience the thrill of multipliers and Meerkat Mega jackpots with the free games and bonus balance provided. The same rules and board bonuses apply to free games, and multipliers can still achieve up to four times the entry bet which only packs on to the already juicy megy jackpot!

Matching a board full of wilds or a five of a kind with a full reel Meerkat match and provide an endless array of treasure showered and the most glorious slot misadventure meerkat fans of all types can enjoy! It's a dastardly yet daringly fun virtual slots adventure with enough Meerkat mayhem and Mega jackpots to keep players of all levels and fandom enticed for hours on end!

Meerkat Misfits is a series that is being released this year, one of the few intellectual properties that provides an original slots game in the current generation and upholds a fantastic character aesthetic. This is all the while boldly hooking the players with fun and action packed slots match gameplay, and it's absolutely worth trying today!